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Social Justice Rap Video Shows White Boy Being Hanged


Apparently, social justice warriors have now gone past just saying white people are bad. Now, these leftists are making videos fantasizing about lynching white children.

The disgusting fantasy is part of a rap video by a Florida “artist” named XXXTentacion, Daily Wire reports.

Florida rapper and alleged serial abuser XXXTentacion has released a new racially-charged music video for his song Look at Me, addressing alleged police brutality and racism. In the video, XXXTentacion is disturbingly depicted hanging a white child in front of a black boy.

The disgusting video begins with a group of students whipping up a riot in a school classroom. The kids then gather to beat up a white teacher using sex aids.

Then comes this bit of garbage…

“Can’t keep my d*** in my pants,” brags the rapper.

The “song” goes on…

The lyrics and video then reference the murder of Emmett Till — a black teenager castrated and murdered for allegedly whistling at a white woman — the recent fatal police shooting of Philando Castile, LA officers beating Rodney King, and the death of Heather Heyer at a neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last month.

XXXTentacion is then seen walking two children, one white and one black, toward a noose…

He then slips the noose over the head of the white child and pulls the rope to hang him.

Naturally, the rest of the lyrics for this piece of garbage are filled with black power racism and even celebrates the idea of blacks gathering to destroy local stores.

Then XXXTentacion tries to pretend he is against everything he just showed by indulging a bit of social justice doggerel at the end of his “music.”

“I can go on forever about the fact that murder is murder and whether you’re black or white, you should always feel free to voice our opinion,” he says. “But to act out on these irrational thoughts on every shape or form is disgusting. You cannot, as black or white, call yourself the supreme race when moved out of your comfort by the opposition’s color, their skin color. That is no form of being or demonstrating being a supreme being.”

But as Daily Wire notes, this so-called rap singer has a long history of domestic violence and other charges.