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Melania Trump’s Response to Harvey vs. Michelle Obama’s Response To Sandy


President Donald Trump and his wife Melania went to Texas to survey the damage and talk about relief efforts.

On what did the media concentrate?

The fact that Melania wore stiletto heels on the way to the helicopter from the White House. Apparently, that was indicative of something since they spent a lot of time on it.

She naturally changed into other shoes once she got to Texas, but Trump supporters were in a word steamed that media had chosen to focus on that.

So they came up with this meme which is already going viral, to reflect that while Melania actually went to Texas, Michelle Obama never went to NJ after Hurricane Sandy.

There was also another difference between the two first ladies.

According to Open The Books, there are nineteen fewer staffers working for FLOTUS Melania Trump than served Michelle Obama.

Currently, Melania has only 5 staffers while Michelle had 24 at the same time in the respective presidencies.

Having 24 assistants is just fundamentally ridiculous.

Part of Trump’s campaign pledge had been to cut White House staff and indeed he appears to have done that.

Indeed, the Trump administration has 110 fewer employees with a savings of $22 million projected out over the four-year term.

That’s not counting that Trump is also donating his salary back to help out various government causes. The latest donation was to the National Park Service to help with memorials.

So the non-caring money grubbing Trumps are saving American taxpayers millions that the empathic lovable Obamas did not.

H/T The Federalist Papers