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Marco Rubio Just Ended Comey’s Russia Testimony With One Brilliant Question, Comey’s Screwed


Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio has been observing with great interest the kangaroo court that is now trying President Donald Trump for his alleged collusion with the Russian government.

Rubio had not yet spoke out about the whole controversy. However, when former FBI director James Comey was brought in to deliver his testimony before the Senate, Marco took this opportunity to grill Comey with a brilliant question to tore a giant hole in Comey’s testimony.

Asked Senator Rubio of Comey about all the anti-Trump leaks, “Do you ever wonder why, of all the things in this investigation, the only thing that’s never been leaked is the fact that the president was not personally under investigation, despite the fact that both Democrats and Republicans and the leadership of Congress knew that and have known that for weeks?”

Comey was totally dumbfounded, and merely answered “I don’t know,” saying that “matters briefed to the gang of eight are pretty tightly held,” making reference to the eight lawmakers who get access to information of the highest level classification.

Rubio also confronted Comey over the fact that Comey never confirmed the fact that President Trump was being investigated. Said Rubio, “To be clear, for you to make a public statement that he was not under investigation wouldn’t be illegal but you felt it could potentially create a duty to correct if circumstances changed?” “Yes sir,” was all Comey could answer. Are you glad Rubio called Comey out for his wrongdoing?