Home NEWS Eric Holder Accuses Republicans Of Rigging ‘The System’ Against Democrats

Eric Holder Accuses Republicans Of Rigging ‘The System’ Against Democrats


The Democrats are masters at rigging. During the 2016 election, Democrats rigged their own party in favor of Hillary Clinton, even giving her questions beforehand. They have a mainstream media machine constantly in their favor. However, according to Former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder, it’s Republicans who are rigging the system against Democrats.

He really just comes across as a sore loser.

“I mean, if you look at the state of Wisconsin where in 2012 Democrats won over 50 percent of the vote and then you look at the congressional delegation Democrats only have one third of the seats. If you look to at the legislator, Democrats have only about one third of the seats,” said Holder in an interview with Rachel Maddow.

“And people are trying to — seeing that there are problems with that, you know, that the system is in fact rigged, that people’s votes in some ways don’t matter. And people are upset about that. People want to come up with ways in which they can rectify that situation,” said Holder.

“And I’m not being hyperbolic when I say this, they want — people want to save our democracy, and I think that’s really what is at stake,” he said. Is it ironic that the party with so much corruption is saying these kinds of things? Check out the interview below.