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RINO David Brooks Just Said Republicans Are ‘Repulsive To People Of Color’


There are so many Republicans In Name Only out there these days criticizing sitting Republican President Donald Trump and undermining his conservative agenda that it almost feels like GOP is now two separate political parties.

One of the very worst of these is ati-Trump “Republican” David Brooks, who gets his paychecks by writing for the liberal New York Times and appearing on the even more left-wing PBS News Hour. It should come as no surprise that Brooks would try to please his patrons by bashing his own party.

In a recent op-ed, this so-called conservative bashed Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore and urged other Republicans not to vote for him by shaming them as “repulsive.” Wrote David, “It would be a temporary vote for a Supreme Court Justice, for a tax cut but for a generation you are repulsive.”

He was just getting warmed up. Brooks added, “You are repulsive to younger people, twenty-eight percent of millennials think the Republican Party thinks about them. That’s just a generational problem. You are repulsive to people of color forever. And so you end up, not only making yourself unpopular but to corrupting a piece of yourself.”

He then bashed elected Republicans, saying, “A couple of them have been very principled. But a lot of them have said, ‘I am going to tolerate Trump’s dishonesty. I am going to tolerate some racial politics.’ But now they have to tolerate rape. Now they have to tolerate pedophilia. There is no end to what they are going to be asked to tolerate. And that is internally so corrosive.” Do you think GOP needs to kick this guy out before he causes damage?