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Curt Schilling Just Told The Truth About What’s Happening In Puerto Rico, Libs Won’t Like It


Philadelphia Phillies and Boston Red Sox pitching great Curt Schilling has been working tirelessly to help Americans recover following the recent devastating hurricanes. In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Curt and his Operation Bullpen relief effort traveled to Puerto to aid with the dire situation there.

Thankfully, Curt has kept in touch with Fox News and other American media outlets to report on the truth about how rescue efforts have actually been progressing on the island. This paints a far different picture than the anti-Trump narrative that the left has attempted to spread using the tragedy.

Stated Schilling from Puerto Rico during an appearance on Fox & Friends, “All have said that the president did everything in a pace that they’ve never seen before as far as him releasing money and releasing assets into these theaters.” He added, however, “The execution on the ground has been horrifying in some cases.”

Schilling continued, “There are people … the soldiers and some of the personnel are doing everything they can, but I’ve seen the best and the worst of humanity in the last 48 to 72 hours, and it’s terrifying,” he said.

Curt stated that the situation reported by the mainstream media is different than the one he sees on the ground, “There were eight police officers buried here and I don’t think that story has made it out either. When we talk about devastation, these are on levels that … I’m a student of military history. I’ve never seen anything like this.” He described, “The southeast part of the island is gone and when I say that I don’t mean that there are buildings down and people hurt. There are towns that are gone.” Are you glad Curt shared the unreported truth about what is happening in Puerto Rico and set the record straight about the assistance Trump has provided? Watch below: